Cleaner School Floors with Buckeye

10 May 2019

Maintaining a clean school is about more than appearance. Studies have shown that student achievement can be negatively or positively impacted by the surrounding school environment. Creating a positive environment that promotes the health and safety of students, staff, and visitors is a key component of the Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program. Cleaner schools begin … Continue reading "Cleaner School Floors with Buckeye"

Cleaning Food Service Areas

26 Apr 2019

Maintaining a clean environment is important for the health of those who enter your facility. It’s even more important in kitchens and food service areas, where germs are likely to populate. A kitchen sink can be one the of the dirtiest places in any facility. That’s why Buckeye’s food service products promote a sanitary and … Continue reading "Cleaning Food Service Areas"

Coating Old Wood Floors

28 Mar 2019

The age of your facility’s wood floor has a significant influence on the kind of maintenance required to maintain it. For newer wood floors, coating with oil-based wood floor coatings is the only option. A newer wood floor is more porous and likely to absorb water. However, over time wood floors become less porous and … Continue reading "Coating Old Wood Floors"

Gateway® Liners: Performance, Savings and Sustainability

20 Mar 2019

Performance and Savings Gateway’s R-Spec premium liners are the first to achieve a measurable and consistent increase in performance while also providing significant cost savings. Gateway has completely reengineered the can liner with its unique formulation and high-quality resins. With increased performance, we are able to produce liners that are thinner without compromising durability. Gateway … Continue reading "Gateway® Liners: Performance, Savings and Sustainability"

Behavioral Science and the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program

1 Mar 2019

The Symmetry Behavior Modification System (SBMS) is part of what makes the Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program unique. While other hand hygiene lines simply provide products, Symmetry works to develop a complete program that inspires better hand hygiene practices. Behavioral science has been key to developing tools any facility can use to encourage users to keep … Continue reading "Behavioral Science and the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program"

Buckeye’s Sustainable Packaging

31 Jan 2019

Buckeye has been working to reduce the amount of plastic in packaging since they launched the 5-gallon Action Pac®, “bag-in-a-box” packaging. This package design eliminated plastic pails and their adverse effects on landfills. Since then, Buckeye has spent 31 years continuing to reduce plastic packaging waste. Today, Buckeye’s Eco® Proportioning Program uses 1.25-liter bags for … Continue reading "Buckeye’s Sustainable Packaging"