The Symmetry® Behavior Modification System

Studies in behavioral science have shown that using colors, mirrors, floor decals, and other stimuli can influence human behavior. In grocery stores, manufacturers pay retailers to merchandise their products in strategic locations to increase the likelihood that those products will be purchased. Candy bars are strategically placed at the eye level of children to increase the likelihood of purchase. Some manufacturers will provide stores with floor decals that lead to their products.

Many manufacturers employ people with PhDs in Behavioral Science to identify the best way to stimulate a potential customer into making a purchase. The Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program worked with Behavioral Scientist, Dr. Adam Alter, to find out how to increase hand hygiene practices with behavioral science.

Together, Dr. Alter and Symmetry came up with several behavior modification tools based on the six key tenets of benevolence, accountability, responsibility, variation, emotion, and direction. These include dispenser colors, placards, visual lighting cues, and floor decals that can be used in a variety of facilities. The Symmetry placards include messages or mirrors to encourage an immediate response. They are placed directly above a dispenser and can be rotated periodically. Symmetry dispensers can also be fitted with visual lighting cues. These flashing lights are designed to draw attention to dispensers. Floor decals offered by Symmetry can subtly direct individuals to dispensers.

All of these tools are designed to increase proper hand hygiene practices in your facility. They serve as reminders but are not intended to be used for all dispensers. The best way to implement Symmetry behavior modification system is to rotate the tools throughout the facility. This creates variation, changes sight-lines, and continues to capture attention.

The Symmetry Behavior Modification System is just one added benefit of the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program. Symmetry offers a complete line of hand hygiene products including hand sanitizers and hand washes. Symmetry dispensers are reliable with large sight windows for checking product levels. The program comes with education and awareness tools and everything your facility needs to improve hand hygiene practices.

Contact your local Buckeye representative to find out more about the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program and the Behavior Modification System.

Clarion® 25 with Microban®

Microban technology in Clarion 25 will provide 24/7 antimicrobial protection. Microban protection can help make floors easier to clean and keep them cleaner, longer.

How does Microban antimicrobial protection work in Clarion 25 floor finish?

Microban 4-Step Graphic

Clarion 25 has been tested using the JIS Z 2801 standard laboratory method and test protocol for antimicrobial activity. This method tests the ability of hard surfaces to inhibit the growth of microorganisms over a 24-hour period of contact.

Microban protection is built-in to Clarion 25 during the manufacturing process, but does not impact the durability and clarity of the floor finish. Like all finishes in Buckeye’s Hard Floor Care Program, Clarion 25 is formulated using Renaissance Performance Polymers. Renaissance designs polymers specifically for Buckeye floor finishes. Because Buckeye manufacturers their own polymers, they control the quality and formulation of each floor finish. This guarantees consistent durability and clarity and also provides cost savings to customers.

The addition of Microban to Clarion 25’s top-of-the-line formulation will provide an additional layer of protection for the useful lifetime of the floor finish without impacting the effectiveness of the product.
Schools, hospitals, and retail facilities that are hoping to reduce the presence of microorganisms on their floors should contact their local Buckeye representative for more information.

*Clarion 25 with Microban antimicrobial technology has been tested for the presence of specific pathogens using JIS Z 2801 methodology and test protocols with a positive result. Normal cleaning practices should be maintained.