Eco Extraction Cleaner E52 and Eco Carpet Spotter E51

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Carpeted flooring can be difficult to keep clean in any facility, especially in areas with high foot traffic. Buckeye Eco® Carpet Spotter E51 and Eco Extraction Cleaner E52 can help, specifically, with carpeted floors. Both products can be used with the Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program and are Woolsafe® approved.

Buckeye’s Eco Carpet Spotter E51 is a concentrated, full spectrum spotter that is effective on both oil and water-based stains. E51 uses an encapsulation technology to prevent re-soiling and is independently tested for the highest standards in performance and safety. It may be used on not only water-based stains, but oil stains too. Soil will become bonded to the chemistry for post spotting removal. There are many benefits to using E51 with your cleaning program. It can help any facility save on inventory and employee training dollars, all while being safer and effective to use.

Buckeye’s Eco Extraction Cleaner E52 is highly concentrated and designed to be used as a hot water carpet extraction cleaner at 1 oz. per gallon. The chemistry in E52 bonds with the oil, grease, dirt or other soil and removes it quickly with the aid of the hot water. E52 is effective on both oil and water-based soils, is low foaming, and leaves no residue to promote the re-soiling of carpet fibers. It can also help prevent the clogging of extraction jets, which saves time and money spent on costly machine maintenance. Be sure to check out Buckeye’s Eco Proportioning Program for a list of products that can be used together to provide your facility with the highest quality cleaning program.

For questions about this product or others, contact Buckeye International today.

Green Cleaning with the Eco Program

Green cleaning is less of a trend and is becoming the standard in many facilities. Everyday more facilities are wanting to switch to a green cleaning program, but hesitate because of the fear that it will be costly and hard to implement. A green program is one that uses cleaning methods and products with non-hazardous ingredients, and is designed to preserve environmental quality and human health. Not only do Buckeye products outperform other green products, they also outperform non-green, conventional chemistries.

The Eco program has a full line of products that are a better solution for any surface and clean effectively. Eco products are packaged in 1.25 L bags that are hermetically sealed to ensure no contamination, and manufactured with 83% less plastic than rigid containers. Several Eco products are NSF registered and Green Seal certified, and all are effective, safer, and made with non-hazardous ingredients.

Following a Buckeye green cleaning program will improve environmental and human health, improve the cleanliness and appearance of your facility, and save you money. Make your facility more effective and efficient, and let green cleaning become your new standard. Contact us today for help.