Arena 300

15 Mar 2017

Arena® 300 is a 100% urethane water-based wood floor coating with exceptional durability and shine for all types of wood. It has an extremely mild scent and no solvent odor. Since it is made from a single component, there is no mixing required. Other benefits of Arena 300 include easy application, quick dry time, and … Continue reading "Arena 300"

Symmetry Hand Hygiene Assemblies

27 Feb 2017

Proper hand hygiene is one of the easiest ways to help prevent the spread of germs in schools. A big challenge schools face, though, is how to make learning about proper hand hygiene enjoyable for students. Symmetry Hand Hygiene assemblies are fun, engaging and educational to help students develop lifelong hand hygiene practices. They are … Continue reading "Symmetry Hand Hygiene Assemblies"

Buckeye Carpet Care Products

10 Feb 2017

Some people avoid installing carpet in facilities because they think cleaning the carpet will be an unsurmountable challenge. Luckily, with a standardized maintenance program and Buckeye products, it doesn’t have to be. Buckeye offers a wide variety of carpet care products that can match any carpet care needs. Buckeye carpet care products remove stubborn stains, … Continue reading "Buckeye Carpet Care Products"

Removing Ice Melt

19 Jan 2017

Winter weather brings many concerns, including slippery floors. Most people put down ice melt to keep entrances safer for people to walk, and walk-off mats to trap ice, snow, water, and ice melt so that they do not get onto the hard surface flooring. Unfortunately, these contaminants do find their way into facilities. Fortunately, a … Continue reading "Removing Ice Melt"

Improve Hand Hygiene Practices: Symmetry Dispensers and Dispenser Stands

11 Jan 2017

A quality hand hygiene program is more than just quality hand sanitizer and hand wash. The products need to be easily dispensed and available for use in key areas throughout a facility. Symmetry dispensers feature large sight windows for checking product levels, and hidden and keyed integrated lock options. The dispensers may be customized with … Continue reading "Improve Hand Hygiene Practices: Symmetry Dispensers and Dispenser Stands"

Buckeye Floor Care Estimator

13 Dec 2016

Did you know that 90% of a floor maintenance budget is spent on labor? The Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program can help save on total program cost. Buying inexpensive products is not the key to keeping floor care costs down. Cheaper products yellow and powder, and require frequent and expensive strip outs. The best way … Continue reading "Buckeye Floor Care Estimator"