Symmetry Hand Sanitizers

14 Nov 2016

A hand hygiene program is complete only when you have all of the necessary components. The Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program offers a complete line of hand hygiene products, including quality hand sanitizers. The Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program has three different hand sanitizers that can fit your facility’s hand hygiene product needs.   Symmetry’s Non-Alcohol Foaming … Continue reading "Symmetry Hand Sanitizers"

Eco Heavy-Duty Cleaner E61

3 Nov 2016

Soils can be difficult to remove from walls, floors, and other fixtures. Buckeye Eco® Heavy-Duty Cleaner E61 is highly concentrated and can be used to remove pesky soils. It can be used in auto-scrubbers, other industrial applications, and on surfaces such as countertops and ovens. E61 has many advantages and benefits compared to other heavy-duty … Continue reading "Eco Heavy-Duty Cleaner E61"

This Week is International Infection Prevention Week!

19 Oct 2016

Friends, family members, and healthcare professionals are coming together this week to celebrate International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW), October 16-22. This week raises awareness of the role infection prevention plays in improving patient safety. The theme for this year is “Break the Chain of Infection.” There are six main points at which the chain can … Continue reading "This Week is International Infection Prevention Week!"

Play a Part in Infection Prevention

12 Oct 2016

Everyone plays an important part in infection prevention. Unfortunately, there are germs inside and outside of the healthcare setting that can spread in different ways. Patients, families, and healthcare professionals can work together to stay healthy. You can start by cleaning your hands regularly with soap and water or hand sanitizer, asking about vaccines, becoming … Continue reading "Play a Part in Infection Prevention"

Gloss Retention Procedures

6 Oct 2016

Gloss retention is reliant on the equipment being used. The operation of the autoscrubber and burnisher, the dust mop, and the selection of the proper cleaner, can all impact the longevity of a floor care program. An important factor to consider is the variables between staff and the technique used to apply floor finishes. For … Continue reading "Gloss Retention Procedures"

International Infection Prevention Week Oct 16 - 22

26 Sep 2016

International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW) is October 16-22. IIPW is an annual week of recognition each year dedicated to raising awareness of the role infection prevention plays in improving patient safety. It was established in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan and is now run by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). … Continue reading "International Infection Prevention Week Oct 16 – 22"

Reflections Oil-Based Wood Floor Coatings

19 Sep 2016

The Reflections® Wood Floor Program can extend the life of your facility’s hardwood floors while providing brilliant shine and excellent durability. It is easy to follow, cost effective, and will provide years of beauty, performance, safety, and durability. Reflections has several oil-based wood floor coatings including Coliseum® 275, Coliseum 350, Coliseum 450, Coliseum 100, Coliseum … Continue reading "Reflections Oil-Based Wood Floor Coatings"

Symmetry Dispensers

12 Sep 2016

One of the many benefits of the Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program is Symmetry dispensers. So what makes Symmetry dispensers so great? To start, the ergonomics of Symmetry dispensers combined with behavior modification placards and educational signs inspire hand hygiene, and won Symmetry an International Design Award. Design your own Symmetry dispenser! Choose a color, add … Continue reading "Symmetry Dispensers"

Eco Squeeze & Pour

29 Aug 2016

Have you ever been cleaning in a remote area, away from a filling station, and needed to change your mop bucket solution? Buckeye Eco® Squeeze & Pour products are compact so you can carry them with you for dilutable cleaning on the go. Squeeze & Pour products are green, convenient, concentrated, and use proprietary technology. … Continue reading "Eco Squeeze & Pour"