Eco Squeeze & Pour

Eco Squeeze & Pours

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Have you ever been cleaning in a remote area, away from a filling station, and needed to change your mop bucket solution? Buckeye Eco® Squeeze & Pour products are compact so you can carry them with you for dilutable cleaning on the go. Squeeze & Pour products are green, convenient, concentrated, and use proprietary technology.

Super concentrated Eco Squeeze & Pour products are formulated with proprietary technology for maximum efficiency and provide superior end-use cost. Many Eco Squeeze & Pour products are also Green Seal™ certified. Eco Glass Cleaner HD E12/S12, Eco Floor Cleaner E32/S32, Eco pH Neutral Cleaner E31/S31, and Eco Neutral Disinfectant E23/S23 are all products that you can use as Squeeze & Pour. These products and more are part of the Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program. The program has a simplistic approach to proportioning to help protect and preserve the environment, while helping you achieve the best overall value for each dollar spent.

You can check out the full benefits of the Eco Proportioning Program here.

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