Reflections Oil-Based Wood Floor Coatings

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The Reflections® Wood Floor Program can extend the life of your facility’s hardwood floors while providing brilliant shine and excellent durability. It is easy to follow, cost effective, and will provide years of beauty, performance, safety, and durability. Reflections has several oil-based wood floor coatings including Coliseum® 275, Coliseum 350, Coliseum 450, Coliseum 100, Coliseum 200, and Larry’s Super 40 Gym Coating. Each of these oil-based wood floor coatings has many benefits that can add to your wood floor program.

Most Reflections oil-based wood floor coatings are MFMA approved. All Coliseum wood floor coatings and Larry’s Super 40 are available in 5-gallon pails. Many of the coatings have low VOCs, are light in color, and provide a quick cure time. The complete line of Reflections oil-based wood floor coatings and their benefits can be found here. No matter which Reflections product meets your facility’s needs, you can be assured that it will provide durability and shine for many years to come.

The Reflections Wood Floor Care Program is much more than just wood floor products. Your facility will also have access to seminars. These seminars are hands-on educational events featuring the products, procedures and equipment needed for a complete wood floor care program. They also introduce both water-based urethane technology and oil-based floor coatings that meet VOC requirements. Examples of these seminar highlights include hands-on recoating experience, how to best maintain your floor with lasting results, how to save time, money, avoid lengthy downtime, and more. Your facility will also have access to training videos. These videos provide training on proper maintenance procedures, Gym Bond procedures, and the Buckeye Reflections Wood Floor Program. The program is simple to add and customize for your facility. These tools allow you to create the best wood floor program for your facility by providing quality products but also providing the knowledge on how to use them. Do you want to try the Reflections Wood Floor Care Program? You can contact your Buckeye representative to set up a wood floor seminar at your facility.

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