This Week is International Infection Prevention Week!

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Break the Chain of Infection

Friends, family members, and healthcare professionals are coming together this week to celebrate International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW), October 16-22. This week raises awareness of the role infection prevention plays in improving patient safety. The theme for this year is “Break the Chain of Infection.” There are six main points at which the chain can be broken and a germ can be stopped from infecting another person. The six links are the infectious agent, reservoir, portal of exit, mode of transmission, portal of entry, and susceptible host. You can read more about them here.

During this week you can go to the APIC website for tips, infographics, and resources to help you advocate and promote infection prevention. There are also polls and quizzes you can take to test you and your colleagues infection prevention knowledge. You can join the conversation later today during the Twitter chat at 2 p.m. and the Thunderclap on October 19 at 12 p.m. EDT. Be sure to use the hashtag #IIPWChat!

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