Improve Hand Hygiene Practices: Symmetry Dispensers and Dispenser Stands

A quality hand hygiene program is more than just quality hand sanitizer and hand wash. The products need to be easily dispensed and available for use in key areas throughout a facility.


Symmetry dispensers feature large sight windows for checking product levels, and hidden and keyed integrated lock options. The dispensers may be customized with your logo, message, and color. Symmetry also has Symmetry Visual Light Cue (VLC) dispensers that have a flashing light on them to draw attention to the dispensers and increase proper hand hygiene usage. A study done by the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) concluded that a flashing light increased compliance by 49%!

Symmetry dispensers can also be installed on Symmetry dispenser stands. Well-placed sanitizing stands promote the use of hand sanitizer, and help further reduce the spread of germs. Symmetry stands are best located in high traffic and highly visible areas such as front entrance foyers, patient waiting areas, elevator banks, and lunch rooms. Each stand is freestanding, 50 inches tall, weighs 30 lbs., and is available in black or white. Symmetry stands and dispensers are part of the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program.


The Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program offers a complete set of customizable education and awareness tools to assist in creating a culture of hand hygiene. You can customize informative education and awareness pieces that focus on the “how” and “why” of proper hand hygiene. This includes wall charts, posters, handwashing videos, and product literature. There is also the Symmetry Behavior Modification System, SBMS, which uses behavioral science to drive hand hygiene practices. It incorporates 6 key tenets to inspire hand hygiene compliance including: Benevolence, Accountability, Responsibility, Variation, Emotion, and Direction. The goal of SBMS is to provide tools that capture attention in the moment, driving an immediate hand hygiene event to take place. Symmetry not only provides products for proper hand hygiene, but provides the awareness pieces and tools to understand it. Contact today to learn more.

Symmetry Dispensers


One of the many benefits of the Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program is Symmetry dispensers. So what makes Symmetry dispensers so great? To start, the ergonomics of Symmetry dispensers combined with behavior modification placards and educational signs inspire hand hygiene, and won Symmetry an International Design Award.

Dispenser Design Center

Design your own Symmetry dispenser! Choose a color, add your logo, and include a custom message.

Symmetry dispensers are ADA compliant, available with keyed and hidden locking options, have oversized sight windows for visual product inspection, and may be customized with your logo and color. Also, sight windows, covers, and levers can be replaced without having to take dispensers down.

Symmetry dispensers are also adaptable for both liquid and foam hand hygiene products so one dispenser meets all needs. This allows facilities to switch between Symmetry liquid and foaming products if they choose.

Symmetry hand hygiene product bags are flexible and hermetically sealed to ensure no contamination. They have a 99% evacuation rate, and each bag comes with a new pump.

Download this PDF or visit to learn more about the features and benefits of Symmetry dispensers.