Gateway Liners

Finding liners that are durable, cost-effective, and better for the environment is often hard to do without compromise. Gateway Liners are made from recycled materials but that does not compromise their quality or durability. These liners are made with the highest quality resins, meaning they can be lighter without losing their strength. In fact, Gateway Liners are stronger than thicker, competitive liners.

Gateway Liners come with other advantages as well. Because the liners are made with less plastic, they are more cost-effective for the end user. They also take up far less landfill space than post-consumer liners.

When compared to post-consumer and competitive liners, Gateway Liners score significantly better on the Liner Performance Index (LPI). This performance score is based on several key factors including multi-directional strength, testing (tensile), three separate tear tests, variable speed puncture testing, calibrated burst and seal testing, and max weight testing.

Gateway Liners have standardized part numbers, sizes and colors, and can be used for multiple applications. There are high density and linear low products, all of which are packaged in a coreless bag-on-a-roll. Lead time is greatly reduced with Gateway’s vast assortment of stocked liners designed to fit a variety of facility needs.

Gateway Liner AppEach bag is thoroughly tested and star sealed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in the United States, giving them improved consistency and making them the strongest in the industry.

Download the Gateway Liner App and utilize our Poly Weight Calculator and Mils and Microns Gauge.